Nicki Minaj Laughs as Sex Offender Fiancé Refers to Her Fans as a ‘Bunch of Fa**ots’ During Radio Show

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On June 21st, Nicki Minaj, 36, was met with an uproar on social media when her fiancé, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, 41, referred to her fans as a “bunch of faggots” during her Beats 1 show, Queen Radio.  Petty made the comment after the “Chun-Li” rapper mistakenly referred to a male fan as a girl. Rather than reprimand him for the comment, Minaj let out a big laugh.

Take a listen below:

Nicki confirmed her relationship with Kenneth back in March. The pair had known each other since Minaj was in high school, but they lost touch after she became a rapper. Prior to this, Petty was convicted of attempted rape in the first degree. The charge stemmed from an incident in 1994 with a 16-year-old victim. Later, while Nicki was living a life of fame, Petty was serving a 7 year sentence for the 2002 shooting of Lamont Robinson. Petty had pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter in 2006 as a result of Robinson’s death.

Nicki Kenny

After Petty’s comments circulated on Twitter, listeners immediately expressed outrage at Minaj’s failure to rebuke him. This was mainly because such a large portion of her fanbase is made up of LGBT people, and especially during Pride Month. Take a look at the wrath below:

But that’s not all. Minaj continued to make controversial statements during the episode, which has been a recurring theme on the show for the past year. One of these moments occurred when she spoke about being snubbed at the Grammys. During this segment, Minaj, who has never achieved a number one song or a Grammy Award, stated, “Look at the people that have number ones and Grammys, they’re clowns.” Many felt the comment was a subliminal shot at Cardi B, who recently became the first female rapper in history to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album and achieve 3 number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Hear more of Nicki’s Grammy criticism here:

The most talked about moment of the episode was when Minaj unleashed on Miley Cyrus in a rant over Cyrus’ comments about her in the singer’s song, “Cattitude” featuring RuPaul. On the track, Cyrus raps, “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi.” The song was released in May on her latest project, SHE IS COMING. Take a listen to what Minaj had to say about the “Adore You” singer:

Yikes. Both Cardi and Miley have yet to acknowledge any of the comments that Minaj made during the show.

nicki ratch

Unfortunately, this behavior has become typical for Nicki in recent years and it will likely continue to damage her character in the future.

In the meantime, check out Cardi B’s new single, “Press”:

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