After a 14 Year Wait, Lil’ Kim is Finally Releasing Her Fifth Studio Album

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Is this real?

The answer is yes!

Hip Hop’s Queen Bee is finally releasing a new album. The set will be her first studio project since 2005’s The Naked Truth.

While performing at a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Lil’ Kim announced that her new album, Nine, will be released on May 17, 2019.

Kim’s journey to the album’s release was hampered over the years due to several setbacks. Upon her release from prison in 2007, Kim’s relationship with her label, Atlantic Records, turned sour. Atlantic had been pushing Kim to record an album that would have the same essence of her albums, Hard Core and Notorious K.I.M. For Kim, it felt as though she was going backwards. She wanted her music to evolve so that fans could notice her versatility but the label wouldn’t budge. Eventually, Kim had to pay Atlantic to release her from the $10 million recording contract that she had signed in 2003 after her first contract with the label expired.

Once Kim was a free agent she signed a record deal with Trackmasters Entertainment, an imprint of Columbia Records. On that label, she began recording what was supposed to be the follow up to The Naked Truth. The album was going to be titled, Vintage, and was led by the single, “Download” featuring T-Pain and Charlie Wilson. Unfortunately, like Kim’s relationship with Atlantic, her time with Trackmasters was cut short when they attempted to block her from working with producers that were not signed to the label. Kim then hired a legal team to get her out of the contract. During litigation, Trackmasters was granted an injunction against Kim, which barred her from commercially releasing music until 2012 when the lawsuit was settled.

After two failed relationships with major record labels, Kim decided that she would take the independent route, opting out of signing another record deal. As an independent artist, she worked to update her fans with new material by releasing a 2014 mixtape called Hard Core, in homage to her debut album. In 2016, the Queen Bee released another mixtape that she titled, Lil Kim Season. By 2017, Kim had changed her opinion on remaining fully independent. She decided to sign a distribution deal with Entertainment One Music to safeguard against any issues with making her fifth album available on digital retailers. At the end of 2017, Kim was officially gearing up for her comeback.

To jumpstart the promotional campaign for the album, Kim released the buzz-single “Took Us A Break” in November 2017. She then spent the winter and spring months of 2018 recording the bulk of #LK5.

On August 1, 2018, Kim released the album’s official lead single, “Nasty One.” The record marked a return to the Caribbean vibes that she brought to the table on “Durty,” “Caribbean Connection,” and “Dead Gal Walking.”

Then, on Valentine’s Day weekend, Kim released the album’s long-awaited second official single, “Go Awff.” The song had been anticipated by her fans since September when a snippet of the song played while Kim walked at the VFILES runway show during New York Fashion Week. The track was immediately met with critical acclaim.

According to Kim, the video for “Go Awff” is due imminently:

After 14 years, we can’t wait to hear what Lil’ Kim brings on her new album! The record’s cover has yet to be revealed, but we can expect that the Queen Bee will update fans within the next month or so! Keep an eye out for Kim’s album on May 17th!

For more updates on Lil’ Kim, check back later at Truth Provision!



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