Maliibu Miitch: “Female Rappers are Smarter than Male Rappers”

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Meet Bronx rapper Maliibu Miitch. Back in December, she was signed to Atlantic Records by Hitmaka aka Yung Berg. She comes off as a mix between rappers Khia and Azealia Banks.

Maliibu has an interesting perspective on the rap game and claims to make female empowerment one of the primary missions of her artistry. She attempts to display this commitment in her interviews. Recently, during an interview with Dj Smallz, she was asked about being a female rapper in a male dominated industry and stated, “I feel like we’re just smarter than these guys. How are we not running this industry?” But she plans on taking advantage of this, saying, “On the back end, when I come around, it’s going to be a different conversation.”

mitch pressed

Despite claiming that she’s a champion of female empowerment, Maliibu struggled to name one collaboration that she has with a female rapper. In fact, she doesn’t have one at all, and has only collaborated with male rappers, causing those who have observed her career to have doubts about the feminist perspective that she claims to have.

In the past few months and as recent as today, she has added to these doubts among those who truly believe in female empowerment by consistently attempting to shade R&B star, Tinashe. Back in August, Maliibu was accused of stealing a song called “Fashion Nova” that Tinashe had recorded for a project called, Nashe. The set was to be executive produced by Hitmaka; the very person who signed Maliibu. Eventually, the song suspiciously ended up in the hands of Maliibu, who resorted to childlike levels of pettiness with several Tweets targeting the “2 On” singer. Through these posts she deliberately spelled Tinashe’s name wrong and teased Tinashe’s fans about stealing the track:

If you can read past the illiteracy that almost looks like a foreign language, you can see why some have doubts about Maliibu’s so-called “pro-women” intentions.

Maliibu mad

Good luck to her and her upcoming mixtape, titled, Booommm Booom Boomnn Boom.

In the meantime, check out Tinashe slaying the jive on the Season 27 premiere of Dancing with the Stars:

You can catch Tinashe on DWTS, both Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. Tinashe’s new album, Joyride, is available now on all streaming platforms and in stores!

Check back soon at Truth Provision for more Hip-Hop and Tinashe news!




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