Nicki Minaj Reportedly Prevented Future from Working with Cardi B on ‘Drip’

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The tea is being served extra hot today!

Earlier, Jason Lee, the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, revealed that Future was supposed to have a guest feature on Cardi B’s song “Drip” before Migos was featured on the track.

He states that Nicki Minaj found out about the feature and told Future that if he wanted to be her partner on the NICKIHNDRXX Tour (which has now been cancelled in the U.S. due to low ticket sales), that he would have to turn down the guest spot on “Drip.” Take a listen below:

Obviously, Future was going to make more money by going on tour, so he chose not to do the feature of course.

The allegations come just days after an Iggy Azalea fan revealed a DM conversation that she had with the “Fancy” rapper last winter. According to Iggy, Nicki Minaj had attempted to convince Monster Headphones not to hire her for the 2018 Super Bowl commercial which featured Iggy’s song “Savior” featuring Quavo. Take a look:

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This isn’t the first time Nicki has been accused of trying to “stop someones bag.” Remy Ma, Lil’ Kim, and Safaree Samuels have each stated that Nicki has pulled strings behind the scenes to keep them from getting work or publicity.

Only time will tell whether the allegations will be proven true, but if they are, we hope that Nicki remembers that karma is real, however, it is arguable that she may already be feeling its effects.

Check back later for more news on Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Iggy Azalea!


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