‘ER’ Actress Vanessa Marquez Shot and Killed by Police During Welfare Check

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(Truth Provision) – Today, it was reported that 90s television actress, Vanessa Marquez, was fatally shot by police at her home in South Pasadena, California.

Police had been called to the actress’ home to perform a welfare check. Upon arriving at her house, police stated that Marquez was having seizures and behaving as if she were mentally unstable.

According to the officers at the scene, Marquez armed herself with a gun, leading them to shoot and kill her. Eventually, it was discovered that the the weapon was actually a BB gun.

In the 1990s, Marquez’s most notable role of her career was on the television show ER. During her character’s stint on the show, she starred opposite George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, and Noah Wyle. She played Nurse Wendy Goldman for 3 years between 1994 and 1997.

Marquez’s last substantial film role was as a supporting character in the 2001 television film, Fire & Ice, which starred Saved by the Bell‘s Lark Voorhies.

In 2005, Marquez appeared as herself on an episode of the A&E docuseries, Intervention, where it was revealed that she suffered from shopping addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mental health issues.

Later in 2013, Marquez revealed through her YouTube channel that she was being treated for an autoimmune disease.

She was 49 years old at the time of her death.

Watch Marquez’s acting reel below:


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