Lil’ Kim Releases the Video for Her Album’s Lead Single ‘Nasty One’

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Today, Lil’ Kim premiered her new music video for her upcoming album’s lead single, “Nasty One” via Complex.

The single was released last month on Kim’s birthday; July 11th. The Queen Bee has been working hard on the promotional trail since then, leading up to the video’s release. The vibrant video is easily the most high quality visual that the pint-sized rapper has released in the past decade. In the video, Kim employs the use of choreography, dazzling sets, and a multitude of stunning looks. See for yourself below:

Beautiful. The Queen definitely delivered with the video and it is evident that the partnership between her record label, Queen Bee Records, and the independent label, Entertainment One, granted her the budget needed for such a high class production. The video was filmed in Miami in early June, providing a perfect scenery for the tropical themed song. We can’t wait to see what else Lil’ Kim has in store for us on her new album, which is aiming for a November release, according to Billboard.

Come back soon for more updates on Lil’ Kim!


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