D*mn! Tinashe Drags Ben Simmons for Filth on New Song ‘Like I Used To’

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Today, Tinashe released the first buzz-single, “Like I Used To” from her upcoming album, Nashe. The song was written about Ben Simmons, who Tinashe dated for 9 months before he cheated on her with Kendall Jenner.

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Earlier this week, Simmons and Jenner attempted to paint Tinashe as an obsessed lover, claiming that they needed to increase security because Tinashe was “following” them. But the internet didn’t fall for it, noting that it seemed more like a contrived story that was written to shame Tinashe.

Simmons claimed he ended things with Tinashe for doing “Kardashian shit” like using him for fame, which is interesting considering that he ended up with a Jenner, who many would put into the same box as the Kardashians. Despite this, Tinashe’s brother implied on Twitter that Simmons actually cheated on Tinashe with Jenner, but it wasn’t revealed until after he and Tinashe had broken up.

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Well, Tinashe seems to have found an outlet to vent her frustrations about the situation; music. Last month shortly after the break up, Tinashe recorded the entire album, Nashe, with Hitmaka over a 2-day period. The entire album is comprised of break up and turn up anthems.

Like i used to new

On “Like I Used To,” Tinashe didn’t hold anything inside. Instead, she clapped back at Simmons for insinuating that she was after his fame and money, singing:

“Swerving lane to lane and it’s paid for / I murder everything, nigga, case closed, yeah / Bitch, I got my own cash, I do what I want to / I might do the whole dash, drive it like I want to / This shit too easy like a free throw, yeah / This shit might blow up like some C-4, yeah”

But Nashe didn’t stop there, she dragged him even more on the second verse:

“Riding down Hollywood, I’m cruisin’ / Can’t be stagnant, gotta keep it movin’ / I gave up all my love, but you abused it / Now you’re just something I checked off my to-do list / Yeah, you got your own bag, that ain’t why I want you / I can pop my own tags, I can buy my own coupe”

Listen to the fiery new track below:

You know what they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Check back soon for the latest on Tinashe!



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