Dear Nicki: Please, Get a Grip When Using Social Media

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Today, Nicki Minaj stooped to a low level on Twitter, when she attacked a user who was giving constructive criticism on the latest music from her upcoming album, Queen. According to Vibe, the Twitter user, “Wanna,” is the independent writer of the blog, Wanna’s World. Check out the Tweet that set off the “Chun-Li” rapper below:


Unfortunately, Minaj seen this in her feed and decided that responding to it with hostility was worth her time. Instead of responding via Tweet, she sent Wanna a lengthy direct message:

And then:


For one, Wanna only has 16,100 followers on Twitter, in comparison, Nicki has 21,400,000 followers on the same platform. That being said, why did that Tweet bother Nicki so much? She boasts of being “rich” and “on top” so why even take the time to write all of that if she really feels Wanna is only being a hater? She’s clearly pressed, but in acting like that, she is damaging her brand.

On the other hand, I have to agree with Wanna, and that’s coming from someone who is a fan of Nicki Minaj. In fact, in 2014, I bought the exact album Nicki is presenting to her Twitter critic, The Pinkprint. With that said, I can say comfortably that I do believe The Pinkprint is Nicki’s best body of work thus far in her career. Nicki is right when she mentions the fact that The Pinkprint included her most personal work, but unfortunately, that doesn’t prove Wanna wrong. It has been 4 years since Nicki released an album; the longest break she’s ever taken between records, and with that considered, she should have a slew of life experiences to rap about on Queen. Despite this, Nicki has not been releasing material that lives up to her last album.

Nicki Minaj shows off camel toe

When a rapper in the game is a true artist, they show artistic growth with each album, but with Queen, Nicki seems to be going backwards. She made her return with “Chun-Li,” which debuted at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, before swiftly dropping down the charts, where it now sits at number 53. Her single “Bed” featuring Ariana Grande has so far peaked at number 43 on the same chart. It’s not that the singles from Queen are bad, it’s simply that those songs are almost identical to material Nicki has released in the past. For instance, on “Chun-Li,” Nicki boasts about being on top, while also labeling her competition as “corny” and bragging about designer clothes. In other words, what’s new? It’s still enjoyable, but it doesn’t make the punch that listeners would expect after waiting 4 years. It is also unfitting of the current state of female rap. For example, she calls her competition “corny” despite that in 2018, her competition is winning. In the past year alone, Cardi B has had six top 10 singles, including a Billboard Hot 100 #1 song, “Bodak Yellow,” which is evidence that the general public doesn’t find her competition “corny” at all.

Additionally, her single, “Bed” is a pop record that is reminiscent of Nicki’s, Roman Reloaded era in 2012; her most polarizing era thus far. The fact that Ariana Grande is the featured artist, was also a poor move strategically, considering that in the past 4 years, “Bed” marks the fifth time that listeners have heard the two paired together. The first time was with Jessie J on “Bang Bang,” which was then followed by “Get On Your Knees,” “Side to Side,” “The Light is Coming,” and now, “Bed.” The general public may become tired with them as a duo, just as they did with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez in the early 2010s, which could cause detriment to Nicki’s streaming numbers.

Finally, Nicki’s method for presenting a rebuttal, was out of line and very immature for someone of her caliber. Wanna did not say anything wrong about Nicki on a personal level,  but that didn’t stop Nicki from calling her, “ugly” and declaring her a “hating ass hoe.” Nicki acts as if this is the first time she’s been criticized. Her comments on age are a bit humorous, because when she entered the mainstream rap game with Pink Friday, she referred to veteran rapper Lil’ Kim as “washed up,” “old,” and classified her as a “has-been.” During that period, Lil’ Kim was only 33-years-old; even younger than Nicki is now. Nicki’s mention of Wanna’s flag of Trinidad is ridiculous. Just because Nicki is from Trinidad does not mean that every person who is Trinidadian has to think highly of her, especially if they believe her latest music is of low quality.

Altogether, the response was poor. Above all, it makes it seem that Nicki is feeling vulnerable. Wanna’s Tweet would not have caused her to lose fans, or cause damage to her music sales. Why she felt the Tweet warranted a DM tongue-lashing is beyond me.

Hopefully, Nicki’s new album Queen, features much better material than the singles that have preceded its release. The album reportedly includes 19 tracks, while the Target Edition includes 21 tracks. Nicki has stated that Queen features her best and most lyrical material in her career, but time will tell if the material lives up to those expectations.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 9.27.14 PM

Queen will be available in stores and on streaming platforms on August 10th.



    1. for real. even her outfits lately look like some stuff from 2011 or 2012. it seems like shes lost creatively this time


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