Ohio Congressman Makes a Fool of Himself at Russia Investigation Hearing

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Yesterday, during the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the investigation into Russia’s impact on the 2016 election, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, embarrassed himself while attempting to impugn the character of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Using a Fox News report to imply that A.G. Rosenstein was abusing his power while presiding over the investigation, Jordan (who was once an attorney) seemed to be oblivious to basic facts about what can or cannot be subpoenaed by law, specifically the fact that it is impossible to subpoena phone calls.

Take a look below:

Jordan is clearly working on behalf of Donald Trump to discredit the people (appointed by Trump himself) handling the Russia investigation. Unfortunately for him, he is tarnishing his own legacy by resorting to extreme partisan tactics to support a president who has clearly been compromised by a foreign nation.

The fact that Jordan was using unconfirmed reports from Fox News to push conspiracy theories about government officials who are handling an important investigation is just another reason why the citizens of Ohio’s 4th district should instead vote for his opponent this November; Janet Garrett. Ohioans deserve representatives that will be truthful to them, not representatives who will use conspiracy theories to fit their partisan narrative.

If Jordan wants to continue making himself look foolish, that’s on him.


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