U.S. State Department Warns American Travelers After Mysterious Sonic Attacks

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Today, the New York Times reported that the State Department has issued an alert to Americans abroad in China, to warn them about the sonic attacks that U.S. officials have been experiencing since August 2017.

The attacks first emerged in Cuba at the United States embassy, where 22 employees fell victim to various health attacks, including hearing loss, memory loss, nausea, and vision loss. Some of the employees had long-term health issues due to the attack. All employees reported hearing a strange sound, which some describe as the sound of cicadas or static. The Associated Press has obtained recordings of the sounds heard in Cuba last summer:

Following the attacks, victims began to feel headaches and dizziness; the common symptoms for concussions. Eventually, the more disturbing symptoms would appear, and doctors who have examined affected officials have found evidence of brain trauma.

Initially, the United States government blamed Cuba and expelled 2 Cuban diplomats,  but things became more complicated in April 2018, when U.S. officials began to report similar experiences while working at the Consulate General of the United States in Guangzhou, China. Those impacted by the same strange noises had identical symptoms of brain injury to the employees at the embassy in Havana, Cuba. Now, U.S. officials are investigating to determine if the incidents are linked to Russia or China. Though the incidents have not been confirmed as “attacks,” the strange events are only happening to United States and Canadian citizens working abroad. The evidence implies that North American government employees are the targets.

In the State Department’s warning, they tell people to seek medical help if they experience “auditory or sensory phenomena.” The warning also advises officials to not attempt to locate the source of the sound, and instead to seek medical attention immediately.

As of this week, U.S. officials at the Consulate General in China are slowly being evacuated and brought back to the United States to undergo testing and examination.

Scary times.



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