Senator Dianne Feinstein Wins Primary in 2018 California Senate Election

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Moments ago, United States Senator Dianne Feinstein was announced as the winner of the primary election of the 2018 California Senate race. The incumbent Senator achieved victory against President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate, Kevin de León in a race that was viewed as toilsome for both candidates.


Many young Democrats expressed displeasure that Senator Feinstein decided to run again, arguing that at 84-years-old, she should step down to allow a younger candidate to step up. Feinstein ran a  campaign that defended her record against those who doubted her loyalty to the Democratic party, with some accusing her of siding with Republicans too often. The young demographic instead supported State Senator Kevin de León. The race was seen as close in February, when the California Democratic Party declined to endorse either candidate in the race. Despite this, Feinstein’s campaign outspent de León by $8,700,000. Feinstein also has a loyal support base, who allowed her to make history in 2012 when she received the most votes in any Senate election in United States history with 7,860,000 votes.

The push from the far-left Democrats calling for Senator Feinstein to step-down did not even make a dent in her chances of winning. With only 11% of precincts reporting, she already has a lead of 625,000 votes over de León. Her probability of winning the general election on November 6th is almost certain. If true, the victory will see her break her own record as the longest serving female United States Senator in history. For the following 6 years, she will remain the oldest serving member of the Senate.

Does Senator Feinstein have your support?


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