Robin Wright Shares Ominous Promo Shot as ‘House of Cards’ Wraps Filming

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On Friday, Robin Wright shared a promotional photo on her Instagram account to signal that the final season of House of Cards has wrapped filming. The shot features the star portraying her Cards character President Claire Underwood as she clasps her bloody hands together. Fans of the show know all too well that Claire has the blood of several people on her hands, but many speculate that it may be a hint at the demise of Frank Underwood, who was played by Kevin Spacey before he was fired from the show due to sexual misconduct.

WARNING: Spoilers Below    

At the end of Season 5, Claire had been sworn in as President after her husband Frank resigned from the presidency to avoid being investigated by Congress for declaring war in order to win the 2016 Presidential Election. Despite promising that she will pardon him during her first presidential address, once in office, Claire instead announces proceedings for the war on ICO (Islamic Caliphate Organization), and does not mention Frank. From a hotel suite, Frank calls Claire frantically to demand an explanation for lying about the pardon. In the final scene of the season, newly instated President Claire Underwood is shown ignoring Frank’s calls at the White House, where she breaks the fourth wall looking directly into the camera, and saying, “My turn.”

House of Cards‘ final and sixth season is expected to arrive on Netflix in Fall 2018. Until then, you can watch the teaser trailer below:


Are you ready for the final season of House of Cards?


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