Opinion: Kelly Sadler Should Be Fired from the White House Immediately

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Today, The Hill reported that White House Special Assistant to the President, Kelly Sadler, mocked Arizona Senator John McCain in response to his opposition to the nomination of Gina Haspel; Donald Trump’s nominee for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. During a discussion about Senator McCain’s recommendation to his colleagues about voting against the nominee, Sadler stated, “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.”

Kelly Sadler should be fired, and it should not be up for debate.

It is one thing to make such a shallow remark about someone while working in the most prestigious institution in the country, but to make a remark that mocks a person’s terminal illness is completely out of bounds. Senator McCain has a wife and seven children and the last thing that they need is to hear someone making fun of the fact that their patriarch is dying.

I have never agreed with Senator McCain’s policies, but I will always respect that he served our country and is a survivor of torture. And if one thing is for sure, I would take him as a president over Donald Trump any day.

Sadler’s inappropriate, immature, and unprofessional remark about an honorable public servant reflects the behavior of the man she is working for. Donald Trump has mocked everyone from minority citizens to mentally incapacitated citizens, and his behavior sets an example for his staff, that with discriminatory and inappropriate remarks, anyone is fair game. The behavior is a reflection of the hypocrisy present in the Republican Party today, because we all know that had Sadler been an employee of President Obama or Secretary Clinton, she would already have been ousted from Washington.

The remarks and behavior of the president and his staff, are examples of the many reasons why they are unfit to lead this country. A president is supposed to advocate for the wellbeing of all citizens, not just the ones that agree with them. The administration’s treatment of those who disagree just shows that it is incapable of having America’s best interests at heart. They are teaching their supporters to have no regard for people with different viewpoints, creating an America where adults respond to a difference of opinion with immaturity, hostility, and discrimination.

We are fully aware that Donald Trump would never resign, no matter how many citizens disapprove of his performance in the White House. But, Trump’s Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly, should no doubt fire Kelly Sadler, to set an example for other citizens who hold positions of authority, that making fun of a person’s terminal illness and death, should never be tolerated, not in the White House, not anywhere.

Kelly Sadler should be ashamed of herself, and if nobody mandates her to hold herself accountable for her ignorant comment, they are only endorsing that type of behavior, whether it occurs in a professional setting or not.

Silence is acceptance.


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