Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton Win Democratic Primary for the 2018 Ohio Gubernatorial Election

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It’s official.

The New York Times has reported that Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton have won the Democratic primary for the 2018 Ohio gubernatorial election.

Today, many Ohioans wondered if the race between former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich would be close. According to the results, the race was not close at all. So far, Cordray has already beat Kucinich by 120,000 votes with only 39% of precincts reported.

Cordray’s win comes over a month after he and Kucinich were tied in a SurveyUSA poll, leading many citizens to believe that Kucinich may have obtained more support than initially expected. Kucinich was the choice of many Democratic Socialists who backed Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election. Cordray was viewed as the establishment candidate, despite being endorsed by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Cordray was the last Democrat to enter the race, announcing his bid for governor three months after the first Democratic primary debate, which was held in September 2017. At the time, former Congresswoman Betty Sutton was perceived as the frontrunner in the race, however, in January, a month after Cordray’s announcement, Sutton announced that she would be dropping out of the race to join Cordray’s campaign as his running mate.

Since Cordray and Sutton joined forces, the two have been seen as a Democratic power-ticket. Cordray possesses statewide recognition as the only Democrat in the race who has been voted on by the entire state when he was elected as Ohio Attorney General in 2009. Prior to Cordray’s candidacy, Sutton held the most experience among the candidates. She served as a United States Representative for six years and in 2013 she was appointed by President Obama as Administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.

The two will face off against current Ohio Attorney General and former United States Senator Mike DeWine, and his running mate, current Ohio Secretary of State John Husted on November 6th, 2018.

Does the Cordray/Sutton ticket have your vote?



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