Opinion: How Cardi B’s “Thru Your Phone” Embodies the Disadvantages of Dating in the Social Media Age

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On Friday, April 6th, Cardi B finally released her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. The album sees Cardi rap about her road to success, while also giving a glimpse into her dating life on tracks like “Be Careful,” “Ring,” and “Thru Your Phone.” The latter track, produced by Watt and Benny Blanco, offers an interesting and realistic take on dating in the age of social media.

Through the first verse, Cardi raps:

“I seen your little group texts / Where you like to brag about your hoes /

And you can tell your little bitch / I screenshotted all her naked pics/

Oh you want to send nudes to my man? / Wake up and see your boobs on the ‘Gram?”

If that isn’t relatable, you’re likely to be the type that refrains from getting involved with modern technology. Sadly, this tale rings true for the millennial generation and the generations that succeed it. Cardi’s extremely personal disclosure about finding evidence of cheating in a smartphone would gain sympathy from any young person.

Today, in a time where not being active on social media is unusual, technology has granted us one of the easiest ways to bust a philandering significant other: the smartphone. Smartphones hold text messages, photos, multiple social media platforms, as well as call logs. If any object contains evidence of infidelity, the smartphone is our best bet. How can a person be sure to cover their tracks when there are so many resources holding the information that they want to keep private? The answer is simple: they can’t.

Messages can now be stored on all of the popular social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.). Prior to the 2010s, deleting text messages and call history was all it took for an unfaithful lover to refrain from incriminating themselves.

“I don’t want to hear ’bout invasion of privacy / I had a feeling, it turns out you lie to me”

That adds another important aspect to this conversation. The opinion on whether snooping through a significant other’s phone is wrong or not is sure to divide many. One side feels it is insecure, shady, and possessive, while the other side begs the question, “If there isn’t anything to hide, why get mad about it?” Here at Truth Provision, we’d have to agree with the latter. Yes, it may seem a little insecure, shady, and even possessive, but for what reason should a person want to hide the contents of their phone from their partner if they want that person to trust them? Getting angry or in Cardi’s case, complaining about “invasion of privacy,” just makes the suspicious lover feel that there actually is something to hide. And that’s just it; if there isn’t anything to hide, what is the problem? How does letting your partner see your text messages cause you any detriment if you are not guilty?

“I went through your phone last night / Saw some things I didn’t like /

I went through your phone last night / It’s killin’ me, killin’ me, killin’ me, oh”




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